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Maskne is the New Acne: How to Treat and Beat it​

Since the weather is getting warmer and masks are still a part of our everyday lives, we’ve got to talk about maskne. Let’s face it: masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and as we spend more time outdoors, the heat, humidity, makeup, facial products and sweat can all make maskne even worse. If you want to treat and prevent the skincare issue that’s affecting people worldwide, Beauty Lounge Medical Spa in San Marcos can help.


Maskne (‘mask’ and ‘acne’) covers the skin problems associated with wearing face masks every day. And we’re not just talking about acne here; masks can irritate the skin and cause rosacea, perioral dermatitis and eczema, too. Some may experience just a few blemishes here and there, while others can develop more severe acne in their O-zone and U-zone (the areas of your face where the mask sits). In order to properly attack maskne and have you looking your very best, we’ll be covering two main components: mask care and skincare.


Mask care:

  1. Ditch the disposable masks. Abrasive single use masks are typically made of polyethylene, a plastic typically found in trash bags (gross!), which can trap humidity and harbor harmful bacteria and fungi right onto the face. Disposable masks also add friction and damage the skin’s moisture barrier, leaving your face vulnerable to outside aggressors.  Lastly, disposable masks are drastically harming the environment, and both our skin and planet Earth should be treated with care.
  2. Try a non-disposable silk mask. Natural silk is no longer just a material of luxury. Silk bonnets stop frizz, silk pillowcases reduce friction and silk face masks prevent irritation. mote filtration. Perfect for sensitive skin, 100% silk is hypoallergenic, cooling and won’t clog your pores or dry your skin.
  3. Find the right size mask. If your mask is too tight around your face, your skin has less breathability and more susceptible to damage caused by heat and friction.
  4. Wash your mask frequently. This should be done daily, or after every use, in order to remove pesky dirt, dust and makeup that can all increase your chances of getting maskne.


  1. Practice a good skincare routine. Your mask may not be the primary cause of recent breakouts; a proper skincare routine that is personal to your skin type and specific skin problems is key to clear skin. We recommend using a high quality face wash, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen in the daytime, and double cleansing at night for maximum protection.
  2. Don’t pile on too many products. When acne occurs, a common response is to add tons of products to your Sephora shopping cart in hopes of attacking each problem area. However, this can overwhelm your skin and make matters worse. In some cases and when used sparingly, retinol, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and other exfoliating products can clear up acne and treat the skin. In other cases, it can further irritate the skin and produce additional breakouts. Using a gentle cleanser and a balanced routine free of new products is best for those with sensitive skin.
  3. Moisturize often. Masks as well as over cleansing and UV exposure can all harm your skin’s moisture barrier. By moisturizing often, and before you apply your mask for the day, you can give your skin an extra layer of protection from any abrasion that can occur.
  4. Wear less makeup, when possible. We love a full-faced look, but applying heavy makeup underneath a mask can lead to increased humidity, clogged pores and breakouts. If you can, avoid applying makeup to your chin and cheeks when wearing a mask (your skin will be covered by the mask, so why bother?) and focus on vamping your eyes with eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara.


Clear skin is always in style. Following our mask and skincare tips will reduce and prevent maskne as well as boost confidence. If you are dealing with maskne on a regular basis, a Beauty Lounge Facial may be just what you need to balance your skin. During your personalized treatment, a medical esthetician will get to know you, your skin and what your concerns are. Let us take a better look – book your facial today!