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vFit Plus

The vFit PLUS is designed to increase moisture, tighten and help reduce stress incontinence. The device uses a combination of red LED lights, low gentle heat, and sonic technology to treat vaginal tissue and boosts vaginal wellness.

What is the purpose of VFit Plus?

vFit PLUS has multiple benefits and uses:

  • Red LED light energy stimulates healing, cell growth, and increased collagen production in intimate areas.
  • Sonic vibration is used to increase muscle tone and tighten pelvic floor muscles.
  • Heat is utilized to encourage blood flow which in turn aids in hydration issues.
  • The addition of photonic gel makes the vFit PLUS device more comfortable and enhances results.

What are some advantages of vFit Plus Plus?

By using the revolutionary vFit PLUS daily, you can improve intimate wellness in a matter of weeks. vFit PLUS offers the following benefits:

  • It is 100 percent safe and non-invasive. It is free of all chemicals and additives.
  • It is affordable for most women, a fraction of the cost of surgical correction.
  • It only requires minutes of your time, several times a week.
  • Benefits include increased intimate wellness and pleasure.

When will I see results

vFit PLUS treatments have been shown to tighten vaginal walls, increase hydration, and improve overall sensation during physical intimacy. After 60 days, 95 percent of women reported improvements in intimate wellbeing and health. Women reported that this revolutionary treatment increased both confidence and pleasure. The vFit PLUS is a non-surgical solution to vaginal rejuvenation, assists in restoring the flexibility and tightness of the vagina. Schedule a consultation today to if you could benefit from home treatments with vFit PLUS.


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