Daxxify new Botox San Marcos

Daxxify (New Botox)

Botox has been available for decades, and up until recently, it was the most popular anti-wrinkle injection among men and women. Now, with incredible advances in science, new Botox, aka Daxxify, is quickly turning the heads of all those who wish to erase unwanted signs of aging for a longer period of time. 

Why Choose New Botox in San Marcos?

Daxxify works just like Botox. It is a neuromodulator that paralyzes targeted muscles for smoother skin. But, there are some significant differences between the two. 

  1. Botox contains a component called human serum albumin. Daxxify does not contain any human or animal products.
  2. Daxxify results last longer than other neuromodulators. Botox results last around three to four months, while Daxxify lasts an average six months, and many have reported it lasting up to nine months. With new Botox in San Marcos, you only need treatment once or twice a year, which means fewer trips to your provider’s office.

What Does  Treatment Feel Like? Does It Hurt?

If you are concerned about pain, speak to your provider before treatment about a topical numbing cream to minimize your discomfort. Because downtime is not needed for recovery, you’ll be free to resume your normal daily activities after Daxxify injections. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Daxxify in San Marcos and San Diego?

If you are generally healthy, over the age of 18, and a non-smoker you’re likely a great candidate for Daxxify in San Marcos and San Diego. You should also have realistic expectations about this treatment. Your provider will work with you to make sure Daxxify can meet your unique needs. 

Where is the Best Place to Go for New Botox in San Marcos?

If you are ready to erase lines and experience amazing Daxxify results, choose Beauty Lounge Medical Spa. Our team is excited to offer this new treatment to all our patients who qualify. Contact us at 760-621-6132 to book your consultation today! Become a member for exclusive discounts.