Modern aesthetic technology has led to amazing advances in effective anti-aging treatments. One of the latest generation includes Sculptra. The product, rather than functioning strictly as a dermal filler, works to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen. This can restore structure, firmness, and increase volume lost in the natural aging process. 

Collagen is an abundant protein naturally occurring in the human body, and essentially works to hold it together, providing structure and strength. As we age, our bodies produce less and less collagen, which is first evident on the facial skin. As the quantity of collagen fibers decrease, typically starting in the 20’s, the skin loses its firm quality, with sagging skin, wrinkles, lines, and creases starting to appear. Sculptra triggers the treated area to produce more natural collagen. The fibrous structure of collagen provides structure and support to the facial skin, maintains shape, and assists in the work of elastin and hyaluronic acid, keeping skin flexible and hydrated.

Impressive Results

If you are tired of looking fatigued, older, or your facial skin is beginning to lose the firm, plump look it had in earlier years, Sculptra can produce impressive changes. The treatment regimen is usually three sessions over a three to four-month period, with results lasting up to two years for most clients. Sculptra treatments can help improve the appearance of:

  • Wrinkles, lines, and creases
  • Nasolabial folds (lines from nose to sides of mouth)
  • Facial areas with lost volume
  • Sunken areas due to fat loss and thinning skin
  • Hollow cheeksLaugh lines

What Sculptra Aesthetic Can Treat

Facial Rejuvenation
Sculptra can be used to improve shallow to deep facial wrinkles, specifically the look of nasolabial folds (the lines running from the nose to the corners of the mouth), marionette lines (the lines running from the corners of the mouth to the chin), and chin wrinkles.

Sculptra Butt Lift
Are you doing squats in the gym and not noticing any difference in your buttocks? Have you noticed your buttocks become saggier and losing firmness over the years? If so, our Sculptra Buttocks Lift might be the non-invasive solution you have been looking for! Sculptra is designed to lift and create a natural fullness to the butt. Butt augmentations have become increasingly popular in recent years, and Sculptra is a great alternative to a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Sculptra for Cellulite
Dimples on cheeks are cute, but most of us hate dimples anywhere else on our body (cellulite)! Sculptra can reduce and diminish the appearance of cellulite by filling them up with collagen to make your skin smooth.