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Can I Drink Alcohol After Getting Botox?

If you have any sort of interest in Botox, you undeniably want the best results out of this impressive wrinkle-reducing injectable. That’s why you may be asking, “Can I drink alcohol after getting Botox in San Diego?” Here’s how long you should wait to toast to your youthful skin!

What Should I Avoid Before and After Treatment?

Before injections, your provider will review all instructions with you regarding pre-Botox and post-injection care. Be sure to follow them carefully. They are likely to include the following recommendations:

  • Before Botox: Certain medications should be avoided if possible prior to your appointment, though you should talk to your recommending physician before stopping anything. This includes blood thinners, NSAIDs, and certain supplements like St. John’s Wort and high doses of vitamin E. UV exposure from sunlight and tanning beds should also be avoided. Also, avoid wine for up to one week beforehand as it can increase your risk of bruising.
  • After Botox: Skip the workout, makeup, and washing your face with soap for about 24 hours afterward. Avoid intense activity for as long as possible, as it can cause diminished results. Don’t lie down for at least four hours.

Can I Drink Alcohol After Botox in San Diego? What Will Happen?

Finally, you’re probably wondering, “Can I drink alcohol after getting Botox in San Diego?” As a general rule, alcohol is to be avoided both before and after your Botox appointment, and for good reason.

Of course, there’s no need to panic if you do have a drink. You’re just at a higher risk of bruising and swelling since alcohol thins the blood.

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