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4 Insider Tips to Get the Best Laser Hair Removal in San Marcos

You’ve scheduled your appointment for laser hair removal, or LHR, and that’s fantastic! After all, it is going to save you a whole lot of time removing unwanted hair. Now, you need to know what to do to get the best laser hair removal results in San Marcos. No problem!

4 Helpful Tips to Ensure Great Results From Laser Hair Removal in San Marcos

Stick to Shaving Before Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a light energy / heat-based treatment. The light is absorbed by melanin, and the heat destroys hair at the root. In order for this to work, the hair root needs to be intact. 

In the weeks leading up to your laser hair removal session, stop all methods of hair reduction except shaving.

Be Careful When Outdoors

Sun exposure can make your skin sensitive. LHR does the same. If you couple overexposure to UV rays (natural and unnatural) with laser hair removal, you put yourself at risk for discomfort during your session and potentially blistering from the laser. 

Shave the Day Before Your Laser Hair Removal Session

You’ll be asked to shave the day beforehand simply because this step makes achieving the best laser hair removal results in San Marcos more comfortable. It does so by allowing the laser easier access to your hair follicles. 

Finish Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment Plan

Laser hair removal only works during the growth cycle of your hair, and your provider will likely recommend multiple sessions to achieve your desired effect. Be sure to follow all aftercare instructions after each session. For hair-free skin, commit to your personalized LHR plan. 

You Want the Best Laser Hair Removal Results in San Marcos, so Choose Beauty Lounge Medical Spa!

Stop wasting time waxing and plucking. Choose low-maintenance laser hair removal in San Marcos for long lasting beautiful, hair-free skin. Give us a call at 442-347-9487 today to book your consultation, and be sure to ask about our current promotions on aesthetic services!