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New Botox in Encinitas: 7 Facts You Need to Know About Daxxify

It’s here! Daxxify, the new Botox, is rolling in and people are loving it. Why? You’ll find the answer, as well as other answers to Daxxify FAQs here. 

What You Need to Know About New Botox in Encinitas

1) Daxxify Shows Promising Results

Daxxify is part of a family of neuromodulators. These medications, when injected by a skilled provider, block nerve signals to facial muscles. Once these targeted muscles stop contracting, the skin around them relaxes. 

Brands like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin have a lifespan of three to four months. With Daxxify in Encinitas, CA, you can expect your results to last about six months. In fact, results can last up to nine months in some patients. This is convenient for you because it means fewer trips to your injector. 

2) New Botox is Actually Safer

During clinical studies, it was discovered there are virtually no serious risks associated with Daxxify. This is in part due to the ingredients. Botox is made from something called human serum albumin. But Daxxify in Encinitas does not contain any human products nor any ingredients derived from animals.

3) Daxxify Has Minimal Side Effects

Of course, any aesthetic treatment has risk of side effects, which is to be expected. However, the new Botox in Encinitas, CA, seems to present fewer side effects than other anti-wrinkle injections. The most common were swelling, bruising, and redness. Of course, these are temporary and go away quickly. Other reported effects were headaches and drooping eyelids, though these often resolve quickly on their own as well.

4) Daxxify May Have Other Uses

Stay tuned for this update! Botox has proven to be effective when treating migraines, overactive bladder, excessive sweating, and neck muscle spasms. Daxxify is still new, but the general consensus is it’ll be just as effective as Botox in treating non-cosmetic related conditions if not more so. 

5) New Botox Might Be Better for Patients Who’ve Had Other Anti-Wrinkles Treatments First

Many providers feel that this new Botox might be better suited for patients who have tried Botox or Dysport first. This is because the results from Daxxify may be more evident in those who have developed a tolerance to other neurotoxins and are unable to achieve their desired results.

6) The Cost Might Be a Bit Higher Than Other Neuromodulators

Unlike dermal fillers which are priced by the syringe, neuromodulators are priced per unit. The average cost of Botox is around $10 to $25 per unit. It is expected Daxxify will be slightly higher due to its advantages over other neuromodulator brands. You should be able to receive pricing before treatment. 

7) This New Botox is Suitable for All Skin Types

It’s important you schedule a consultation before any cosmetic service to make sure it’s safe for you to proceed, though Daxxify is suitable for almost everyone of all skin types. As long as you are healthy, a non-smoker, and over the age of 18, you’re likely a fantastic candidate for Daxxify in Encinitas, CA. 

Be sure to write down any questions you have about Daxxify and take your notes with you to your consultation. Being prepared is very helpful!

Ready to Book Daxxify in Encinitas? Here’s What to Do Next!

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Daxxify has been approved by the FDA to treat frown lines, also known as glabellar lines. These are the pesky lines you see between your eyebrows. Why look at those every day in the mirror when you don’t have to? Give us a ring today!