4 Pro Tips to Help You Achieve Great Results From Botox in Oceanside

Considering Botox Cosmetic to help kick your wrinkles to the curb? Then you undeniably want to make sure you receive the best results possible. Here are the top four tips that seasoned users and expert injectors recommend for obtaining great results from Botox in Oceanside, CA!

4 Great Tips to Improve Results From Botox in Oceanside

1) Book a Botox Consultation to Ensure You’ve Chosen the Best Injector

There’s a lot you should know before Botox, and a thorough consultation with a skilled injector ensures you know what you need to. Take the time to discuss your concerns and why you’d prefer Botox over other services. Your injector will also assess your skin and review your aesthetic goals to customize an optimal treatment plan just for you.

2) Avoid Alcohol, Blood Thinners, and Nicotine Before and After Botox

All of the above can cause short-term and long-term negative effects on your results. Avoid alcohol, blood thinning medications (but only after approval from your prescribing provider), and nicotine before and after your Botox appointment.

3) Don’t Put Pressure on the Injection Site

In order to achieve the best possible results from Botox in Carlsbad, CA, you absolutely do not want to do is put any pressure where you received injections. Additionally, you want to keep your head elevated. This is all done to prevent the injectable from spreading and ending up in less than ideal areas of the face.

4) Limit Your Exposure to UV Rays

The sun is not your skin’s BFF. Limit exposure to UV rays as much as possible to prevent additional wrinkles and increased Botox fading. If you can’t avoid the sun, make sure to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

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