#1 Botox injector in Hillcrest CA

Your Guide to Amazing Results From the #1 Botox Injector in Hillcrest

You’ve decided to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles with Botox? That’s great! So, what is your next step? Reading this guide to remarkable results from the #1 Botox injector in Hillcrest, CA, should be your next move. 

4 Tips From the #1 Botox Injector in Hillcrest

The 4 tips below are helpful if you are looking to achieve amazing results from Botox that will last.

Choose Only a Qualified Botox Injector

Let’s be honest. Your final outcome can only be as good as your injector, so you should take the time to do your research and find the top provider. Make sure you choose only a licensed healthcare professional who has Botox certification and years of experience with cosmetic injectables.

Get Ready to Sit Very Still

When an experienced Botox injector in Hillcrest, CA, goes to administer treatment, it’s imperative you sit still. The slightest movement, even blinking, can move the needle and cause the Botox to go somewhere you don’t want it. 

Keep Hands Off Your Your Face

It might be tempting to want to touch your skin after injections, but hold off on that. This treatment actually needs some time to settle in. Refrain from rubbing or putting pressure on the injection sites so your Botox doesn’t migrate. 

Follow All Botox Aftercare Instructions

As an example, you’ll need to hit the gym before your appointment. Excessive sweating is a no-no after injections if you want to achieve great Botox results and reduce your risk of infection. This can also cause the medicine to migrate away from the targeted areas. 

You’ll need to hold off on post- treatment celebrations too. Your aftercare instructions will likely tell you to not consume alcohol for at least 24 hours.

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