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What to Expecting During an Appointment for Same-Day Lip Filler in San Diego

Have you always wanted an envious pout? Looking to add volume to your lips? If so, you’ve likely dug into lip filler’s benefits. This simple, non-invasive treatment is one of the best ways to make the lips symmetric and more voluminous. Keep reading to learn what you can expect during an appointment for same-day lip filler in San Diego.

What Happens During an Appointment for Same-Day Lip Filler in San Diego?

The day has finally come – it’s lip filler time! Chances are you’re anxious, excited, and every emotion in between. To help ease your nerves, here’s everything you can expect to happen during your appointment.

  1. You will talk about your health history. This ensures that you’re a good candidate for lip fillers like Juvéderm. You should be in good overall health and have no active infections or illnesses.
  1. You will discuss your lip goals. Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect lips look like. Maybe you want a minor augmentation or to make a statement with your new pout. Whatever your goals are, explain them clearly so that the right treatment filler can be chosen. 
  1. Treatment begins. Before treatment, your doctor will take a photo so that you can see your progress and results. A topical numbing medication is applied to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Lip filler usually takes 20 minutes, and you should feel nothing more than a slight pinch and some pressure.
  1. Post-treatment care is discussed. After treatment, ice packs are applied to your lips to ease swelling and bruising. You should continue icing them at home. Expect swelling to last two to three days, during which time it’s essential to follow aftercare steps for proper healing.

The Perfect Pout Awaits You at Beauty Lounge Medical Spa

Now that you know what happens during an appointment for same-day lip filler in San Diego, it’s time to take the next step and turn to Beauty Lounge Medical Spa. Contact us today by calling 760-388-0008 to schedule a same-day appointment!