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What is the Best Lip Filler in Encinitas?

Non-surgical lip augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures to date, but what is it and how can it benefit you? Better yet, which brands offer clients the best lip filler in Encinitas, CA? Our expert injector spills the best kept secrets on lip filler!

What is Lip Filler, and What is It Used For?

Lip filler, or dermal filler for lips, is a type of minimally invasive lip augmentation typically made with hyaluronic acid to plump, enhance, and sculpt your lips with natural looking results. Your amazing results are improved when administered by an expert injector in Encinitas, CA.

Fillers are used to soften lip lines, increase the size of your lips, provide symmetry, improve the color and shape of your lips, and renew your confidence.

What are the Two Top Brands for Lip Filler in Encinitas?

There are several different brands that offer their own unique formulas, however the two most popular long-last lip filler brands you’ll find are Juvéderm and Restylane.

  • Juvéderm Lip Fillers

Juvéderm is a hyaluronic acid-based filler that produces immediate results. They offer two products indicated for use on the lips, Ultra XC and Volbella XC. With optimal treatment, results last up to a year. The cost for one syringe is $750 on average.

  • Restylane Lip Fillers in Encinitas

Restylane is another hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler that offers more than one type of filler for lip augmentation, namely Silk and Kysse. Final results can take a few days to appear and last up to 10 months. Average cost for one syringe is around $620.

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