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How to Get the Best Botox Results in Oceanside

Any smart consumer wants to preserve their investments, especially when it comes to cosmetic treatments. The question is, how do you get the Botox results in Oceanside, CA, and how do you make them last longer? It’s easy; just follow these four pro tips!

4 Insider Tips to Get the Best Botox Results in Oceanside

1) Receive Touch-Ups Right on Time

The key to getting the best Botox results in Oceanside, CA, is to receive injections just enough (not too often, but often enough). Consistent maintenance with a small dosage to upkeep your results is all it takes to prolong the effects of your neurotoxic injections. Don’t overdo it though, because your body can actually form a tolerance to Botox and make it ineffective.

2) Consider a Daily Zinc Supplement

A surprising way to make your results last longer is to actually start taking a zinc supplement. Increasing studies have shown that zinc may actually be a Botox booster, extending the duration of its effects in a seriously noticeable way. So, if it’s safe for you, give it a go!

3) Practice Sun Safety at All Times Before and After Botox

This applies even on days you’re indoors or it’s cloudy. The best Botox results in Oceanside, CA, are created and maintained by taking good care of your skin. Slather on that sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, and stay inside during peak sun hours when possible.

4) Cut Back on Stress After Botox

Stress releases a hormone called cortisol, which can create inflammation in the body that’s significant enough to break down Botox injections and even the natural collagen in your body. Yikes! With that in mind, try to keep stress levels as low as possible.

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