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Can I Drink Alcohol After Botox Injections?

drink alcohol after botox san diego

You’ve just gotten Botox in San Diego, you’re feeling good, and now it’s time to celebrate! Or is it? Now you’re wondering, “Can I drink alcohol after Botox injections?” Here’s the scoop!

So, Tell Me … Can I Drink Alcohol After Botox Injections?

Unfortunately, you really shouldn’t drink alcohol after Botox, and here’s why. Alcohol thins the blood and increases blood flow. The most common side effect of Botox is bruising. Drinking can cause your bruising to be worse than it would’ve been and can delay your recovery process. 

How Long Should I Wait to Drink Alcohol After My Botox Injections?

You won’t be putting down your favorite cocktail for long so no worries! You should give it at least 24 hours and up to one week before you have a drink. Generally speaking, the longer you can wait, the better. Your provider will provide you with Botox aftercare instructions, so be sure to follow their advice.

How Long Does it Take to See My Results?

You’ll notice a change in your appearance within a few days, during which time you might experience minor bruising and swelling. Your final results will be visible within one to two weeks, and you can expect to enjoy them for three to four months. However, if it’s your first time getting Botox, it may not last quite that long.

Is Botox Cosmetic Right for Me?

This is a decision to make with your provider. You need a Botox consultation before your injections to determine if Botox is safe for you. You also need to discuss your aesthetic goals during this time to make sure you’re able to get what you’re looking for from Botox. You might discover you’ll benefit more from dermal fillers or both!

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